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UFO Evidence (Short Videos)  


UFO footage videos listed on this page are typically under 5 minutes in length. You can find longer videos of UFO footage by using the links at the top of the page.

Note: Many videos might play better by using the free Firefox browser.

UFO Orbs March Across Sky In England ø Russian Roswell

Cylinder Chased by Soviet MIG-21 ø Italian Air Force Footage

UFO Crash Over Finland ø Roswell 1947 UFO Crash Footage

UFO Over China ø UFO Crash Footage ø UFO Over Bulgaria

UFO Footage ø ø Mexico Fleet ø UFO F-16 ø Mexico UFO

San Diego Sighting ø UFOs Merge ø German Flying Saucers

Space Shuttle UFO ø Pasco County UFO ø Guernsey UFO

Waterhen Lake ø Romania UFO ø Miami 1995 ø UFO Over Las Vegas ø Woodland Hills Sighting

Stephenville TX ø UFO Over Mexico ø Over Capitol, DC ø Coconut Creek Orb ø UFO over Sandimas

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