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UFO's Exist (Medium Videos)  

UFO footage videos listed on this page are typically 5 to 20 minutes in length. You can find longer videos of UFO footage by using the links at the top of the page.

Note: Many videos might play better by using the free Firefox browser.

Mexican Air Force ø Captain Ray Bowyer

Alien Autopsy; Roswell UFO Crash ø UFO USA

UFO Sighting Interview ø UFO - Intercepts

Belgium UFO Radar ø UFOs Made in Germany

Alien Abduction? ø 1994 Nellis Secret Sighting

Pelcula Mexico 2006 ø UFO's Over Sterling City

Military Helicopter Intercepts UFO ø UFO Clips

UFO Sucking Up Water ø The Travis Walton Story

Kecksburg UFO Crash ø UFO Crash: Col. Philip J. Corso ø Sightings - Area 51 ø Holland UFO (Pilot)

Phoenix Lights 2008 ø UFO Diaries (1) ø UFO Diaries (2) ø UFO Diaries (3) ø UFO's: Cropcircles

UFO over Montreal Canada 1990 ø The Horror ø July 1991 Mexican Eclipse UFO's ø UFO Footage Debate

Secret Canadian UFO Projects ø Lights Forming Crop Circles ø JAL 1628 UFO ø UFO in Voronez, Russia

UFO - Encounters in Australia ø Colorado 2001 ø The U.K. UFO Files


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